Last year the Appropriations and Revenue Committee allocated a total of $190,000 to 125 different Registered Student Organizations. This fiscal year SGA wants to reach even more organizations than we have in the previous years. We plan to do this by reaching out to more organizations through giving examples on social media.

PPE Funding

Starting this year, UKSGA will be offering a PPE Grant to student organizations needing it in order to give them the ability to adhere to campus and state regulations. The PPE which SGA will be providing includes disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Unlike other SGA Grants, Registered Student Organizations can apply for this grant twice per semester. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to Appropriations & Revenue Chairman Michael Hawse at

To apply for PPE funding, please fill out the form at our BBNVolved Page.

Types of Funding

For Senate Special Projects SGA allocated 40 different projects totaling $102,000. We allocated $13,500 in club sports grants, and gave $13,000 to academic or professional conference grants. SGA provided $16,000 in total for service grants and allocated 12 multicultural inclusion grants, totalling $17,000. We allocated $29,000 to 41 general funding grants.

To apply for any of these types of funding, fill out the form at our BBNVolved Page.

General Funding Grant

General Funding Grants are all purpose funding requests, including travel, programming, etc, for Registered Student Organizations. The maximum for this grant is $750.

Max Amount: $750

Club Sports Grant

Club Sport Grants are reserved for registered Club Sport Teams wishing to obtain funding for a project, event and/or supplies. The maximum for this grant is $1,500.

Max Amount: $1,500

Multicultural Inclusion Grant

Multicultural Inclusion Grant is a funding request in which any Registered Student Organization may apply for funding for the purpose of promoting diversity, inclusion, and/or the spread of multicultural values throughout the University of Kentucky Student Body.

Max Amount: $1,500

Service Grants

Service Grants are intended for a community service project sponsored by a Registered Student Organization. The maximum for this grant is $1,500.

Max Amount: $1,500

Senate Special Project

Senate Special Projects are funding requests intended to benefit the student body that must be sponsored by a Student Government Senator. The maximum for this grant is $2,500. Please contact a Senator and visit their office hours to discuss funding for a Senate Special Project.

To see a list of available senators, check out this Google Sheet.

Max Amount: $2,500

Academic and Professional Conference Grant

An academic or professional conference grant is funding request in which any registered organization may apply to obtain funding for an Academic or Professional Conference that is closely relatable to the purpose of the registered student organization.

Max Amount: $1,500

How to Receive Funding

  1. Complete this online form. If you have any additional questions, contact Michael Hawse at
  2. Present the request in person at the next Appropriations & Revenue (A&R) Committee Meeting.
  3. If your proposal is approved by the A&R Committee, you will need to contact Lynn Fresca within the next FIVE (5) business days. If you fail to do so, your grant will be voided.
  4. To receive full allocated funding the RSO must complete the required evaluation survey provided by the Appropriations and Revenue committee within 2 weeks following the sponsored event.

Important Information

Reimbursement Policy

Student Government funds organizations by reimbursement only. All receipts must be submitted to the SGA office manager within 30 days of the approved event, project or purchase. If receipts are not turned in within the 30 day window, the funding will be forfeited. Groups can only be funded once per fiscal year.

Prohibited Items

Student Government will not provide funding for the following items: food and beverages, non-university approved vendors, subscriptions, taxes, management or consulting fees, organizational membership dues, personal gifts, donations or contributions, financial aid, scholarships, expenses incurred prior to Student Government approval, all equipment, awards, trophies or prizes.