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Campus Resources

The Study

The Study is the University of Kentucky’s centralized peer tutoring center. The Peer Tutoring Program provides FREE, drop-in, peer tutoring for many core courses in mathematics, science, & business. Offering proactive assistance, the goal of the Peer Tutoring Program at The Study is to enhance students' academic experience as early and as often as possible. Learn from and alongside your peers in an open and relaxed group tutoring environment. To learn more please visit this link.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the ability of something to be sustained into the future, and is generally advocated for and studied through the lens of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Sustainability consists of 3 main pillars: environmental stewardship, social justice, and economic well-being.

Along these lines, sustainability “implies that the activities of the University of Kentucky are ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable, and that they will continue to be so for future generations,” (UK Office of Sustainability). Focusing on sustainability at a University level also emphasizes these principles in coursework, research, events, and organizations.

Separating Waste



A partnership between UK’s Office of Sustainability, Recycling, and Center for Applied Energy Research, WholeSum is a platform designed to inspire, inform, and encourage our University community to engage in sustainability. To learn more please visit this link.

Big Blue Pantry

Located in the basement of White Hall. It is open to any University of Kentucky student with a valid UK ID experiencing food insecurity or hunger and operates completely on donations (both food and monetary). There are no qualifications for access to the pantry other than being a UK student. To learn more please visit this link.

Grocery Basket

Student Sustainability Council

Distributes the Environmental Stewardship Fee to advance sustainability at UK. Check their website for info on applying for funding If you have an idea for a project that will enhance sustainability on campus, or to apply to serve as an at-large council member. To learn more please visit this link.

Red Flowers

UK Energy Club

A space for UK students and faculty to network and learn about current energy issues, the oil and gas industry, and renewable energy technologies through seminars, meetings, conferences, and more. To learn more please visit this link.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Green Thumb

An environmental activism group that works on environmental stewardship campaigns, such as green investments, healthful food options on campus, and more. To learn more please visit this link.

Grocery Basket

Financial Resources



Campus Bicycle Resource Map

A map of all campus biking trails, bike lanes, racks, repair stations, and more! To learn more please visit this link.

Miscellaneous Recycling

Fill out a service request form based on the material you need to dispose of that can’t be put into general recycling but also shouldn’t go to the landfill (including batteries, ink cartridges, CDs/DVDs, electronics, and more). To learn more please visit this link.

Recycling Bin Map

A map including all outdoor recycling and landfill bins that can be found on campus. To learn more please visit this link.

Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library

A resource that provides free bicycle rentals and repairs to the UK community. To learn more please visit this link.

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Student Government Office 

160 Avenue of Champions, Suite A267

Lexington, KY 40506 - 0676

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