Pillars of Justice

The Legislation Process

Our legislation is divided into our Constitution and a number of Acts. The Constitution houses the most broad definitions of our responsibilities and powers, while the Acts define specific regulation for a variety of topics. 
The Operations and Evaluations Committee (O&E) is the primary keeper of our legislation and they are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the Constitution and accompany Acts to best reflect the needs of our dynamic organization. It is through their work that we are able to comply with University standards. 
Once O&E makes a change and votes in support of it, the new legislation will go before Full Senate. Any legislative change requires majority vote of Full Senate twice. Changing our legislation is not easy, which allows a stable and thoughtful process. 
If you have questions, please reach out to sga.operations@uky.edu

Governing Documents

Judge's Gavel on Books

UKSGA Constitution

 Scales of Justice

Governing Codes

Hands Voting

Election Packet

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