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Welcome to the Student Government Association Elections webpage. Student Government Association elections are held in the fall and spring of each year. Fall Elections involve the selection of Freshman Senators to the Senate. Spring Election include the selection of the Student Body President & Vice President and all Senate seats. Have questions? Email

Unofficial Results are in!

Official Election Results

View the unofficial results of the spring 2024 general election.



Elections Codes

A direct link to the UKSGA Governing Codes where elections policies and procedures reside. 

Election Timeline

Official spring election timeline, important dates, and promotions plan. 

Judicial Handbook

The official hearing procedures for the Supreme Court Hearing regarding submitted claims.

Supreme Court Hearing

The Supreme Court Hearing for UKSGA Elections claims was held on March 7th at 7pm, in the Gatton Student Center.

Visit this link to watch recording of the event.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or errors can be reported to Olivia Stotz, Elections Board Commissioner (, or our SGA advisors Isaiah Villarreal ( and Nikkey Blackman (

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Student Government Office 

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