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Student Fee Allocation Committee

The Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFAC) is a student group tasked with reviewing fee-receiving groups at UK to ensure transparency and accountability in student fee usage. Additionally, the committee reviews any requests for new or increased student fees. The committee then suggests any changes to the mandatory student fee total and provides justification to the President and Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration (EVPFA). 

Interested in Serving on SFAC?

The responsibilities of the Student Fee Allocation Committee members are as follows: 

  1. Participate in TrainingsAll committee members are required to attend a training for the Student Fee Allocation Committee.

  2. Review Request for Student Fee Money (Increase/Decrease/New Fee)The committee will read applications submitted by university student organizations or departments and then decide on applicants that we would like to interview. Applications reviewal should take no more than 3 or 5 hours in a given week.

  3. Review Existing Student Fee Money SpendingThe committee will select one or two current department or organization student fee-receiving groups for review. This is to ensure accountability in how student fees are being spent. Reviews will typically take place after requests for student fee money have been processed and should take no more than 3-5 hours in a one- or two-week time period.

  4. Appointment TermAppointments for this committee are for the entire Spring 2024 semester.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Marcus, the chair of the committee, at
Applications are due Friday, January 12th.

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