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Leadership Development Program

Explore your leadership potential with the Leadership Development Program - a tailored initiative crafted for freshmen on campus. The top 40 applicants chosen, were evaluated based on criteria such as leadership potential, academic achievements, and community service dedication. Participants delve into the core of campus leadership, connect with fellow student leaders and administrators, gain insights into diverse student organizations, attend talks by University and local community speakers, partake in service activities, and represent the freshman class as a dynamic focus group of future leaders. 

Aimee Pierce_edited.jpg

Aimee Pierce


Alyssa Morse

Ananya Mathew  .jpeg

Ananya Mathew

Anna Goddard.jpeg

Anna Goddard

Aydan Joiner  .jpeg

Aydan Joiner

Ben McBride  .jpeg

Ben McBride

Brooklyn Sauer  .jpeg

Brooklyn Sauer

Cadence Barnett  .jpeg

Cadence Barnett

Christina Elsoueidi  .jpeg

Christina Elsoueidi

Dakota Kinsella.jpeg

Dakota Kinsella


Daniel Cooper

Delunays Iriantes (luna)  .jpeg

Delunays Iriantes

Dhruvi Patdi.jpeg

Dhruvi Patdi

Emma Coomes  .jpeg

Emma Coomes

Harper Murphy  .jpeg

Harper Murphy

Innocent Murenzi.jpeg

Innocent Murenzi

Jackson McDonner  .jpeg

Jasckson McDonner

Jakayla Allen.jpeg

Jakayla Allen

Janessa Spencer.jpeg

Janessa Spencer

Jenna Coles.jpeg

Jenna Coles

John Andrew Segebarth  .jpeg

John A. Segebarth

Kaleb Quinn Diaz  .jpeg

Kaleb Diaz

Kathryn Chumbley.jpeg

Kathryn Chumbley

katherine grospitch  .jpeg

Katie Grospitch

Keaton Miller  .jpeg

Keaton Miller

Kendra Bertram.jpeg

Kendra Bertram


Kyler Parr

Lilian Adair  .jpeg

Lillian Adair

Lily Walter  .jpeg

Lily Walter


Madison Peters


Michaiah Andresesn


Mohini Patel

Molly Arnold_edited.jpg

Molly Arnold

Morgan Amick.jpeg

Morgan Amick

Nolan Bassett  .jpeg

Nolan Bassett


Ryann Scruggs

Sarah Noble.jpeg

Sarah Noble

Taylor Pierce  .jpeg

Taylor Pierce

Trinity Cross  .jpeg

Trinity Cross

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Student Government Office 

160 Avenue of Champions, Suite A267

Lexington, KY 40506 - 0676

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