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Student Organization Funding Grants

UKSGA is proud to offer $130,000 to registered student organizations through Student Organization Funding Grants. Organizations may apply for multiple grants to reach a combined maximum total of $2,500 per fiscal year. Please see the descriptions below if you are eligible for any of these grants.

Registered student organizations can apply for each of our Student Organization Funding Grants through this FORM.

How to Receive Funding

  1. Complete the online form. If you have any additional questions, contact the A&R chair at

  2. Present the request in person at the next Appropriations & Revenue (A&R) Committee Meeting.

  3. If your proposal is approved by the A&R Committee, you will need to contact Lynn Fresca within the next FIVE (5) business days. If you fail to do so, your grant will be voided.

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To be eligible for reimbursement the Student Organization must be approved by the UKSGA A&R Committee BEFORE purchasing items. The A&R Committee suggests submitting your application three weeks in advance of when you need to purchase items.

General Funding Grant

The General Funding Grant is used for any general expenses incurred by the organization, including, but not limited to, events, programming, supplies, or other org resources.

$1,000 per semester

Travel & Registration Grant

The Travel and Recruitment Grant may be used to attend conferences, seminars, or competitions. Organizations can receive funding for the event registration, travel, and lodging expenses up to the maximum grant amount. Conferences may pertain to academic research; professional networking; leadership development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; or club sports. 

If the organization requests lodging expenses, UKSGA will only cover up to the per diem lodging rate of the city in question per person. Per diem rates can be found here:

$1,500 per fiscal year

Service Grant

The Service Grant is intended for community service projects benefitting the UK or Kentucky community. This grant may also be used to host philanthropic events for the purpose of fundraising for a non-profit organization.


Beneficial services include, but are not limited to, mental, physical, or emotional wellness; academic success; sustainability; diversity, equity, and inclusion; basic needs; or animal care services.

$1,500 per fiscal year

Recruitment Grant

This grant is designed to increase your organization's presence on campus through promotion to potential new members. This grant may cover tabling expenses, promotional items, and university-approved printing services. You may order the approved items you need from a list of approved vendors.

$500 per fiscal year


Reimbursement Policy

Student Government funds organizations by reimbursement only. All receipts must be submitted to the SGA office manager within 30 days of the approved event, project or purchase. If receipts are not turned in within the 30 day window, the funding will be forfeited. Groups can only be funded once per fiscal year.

Prohibited Items

Student Government will not provide funding for the following items: food and beverages, non-university approved vendors, subscriptions, taxes, management or consulting fees, organizational membership dues, personal gifts, donations or contributions, financial aid, scholarships, expenses incurred prior to Student Government approval, all equipment, awards, trophies or prizes.

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Student Government Office 

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Lexington, KY 40506 - 0676

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