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The Duff-Bertram Administration

Maddie Duff

Maddie Duff

Student Body President

Dalton Bertram

Dalton Bertram

Vice President

Kendall Harper

Kendall Harper

Interim Chief of Staff

Department of Event Management

Gabi Franzone

Executive Director of Event Management

Caroline Devine

Director of Well-Being

Caity Weaver

Director of Sustainability

Najiya Clayborn

Director of Engagement

Andrew Dobbs

Director of Services

Department of Communications

Kendall Cybulski

Executive Director of Communications

First Last17

Director of Design

First Last1

Director of Marketing

Matthew Sepulveda

Director of Media

Department of Operations

Emma Stiglic

Director of LDP

Siena Pilati

Executive Director of Operations

Christina Elsoueidi

LDP Coordinator

Nick Pace

Director of Assessment

Aliyyah Sadek

Director of Belonging

Department of the Wildcat Wardrobe

Raegan Biemolt

Executive Director of Wildcat Wardrobe

First Last7

Volunteer Coordinator

Sara Jones

Director of Wildcat Wardrobe Outreach

Bridan Braun

Director of Inventory

Department of University Affairs

Madison Adams

Executive Director of University Affairs

First Last9

Internship Programs Coordinator

Sarah Larison

Director of Graduate and Professional Affairs

Jacob Grider

Student Safety Coordinator

Kennedi Fishback

Director of Civic Engagement

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